1. Activate registration and subscription
    Register at and log in. Now you can calculate the number of characters of your website and activate the corresponding subscription.

  2. Register domain
    Open your subscription and enter your website address

  3. API KEY and Extension Download
    Copy the generated API KEY and download the extension installation package.

  4. Installation component
    Install the component normally via the backend at your website and enter the API KEY.

  5. Define languages
    Choose your default language and select the languages you want the website to be translated into. Save the settings.

  6. Activate module
    The module for language selection in the frontend can be found under Extensions > Modules > Joomla Automatic Translation Module. Select the desired position and publish it on all pages. WordPress also has the language changer to activate.

Do you want help with the installation? We will install the extension for you free of charge.

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